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A Leader In Marketplace Management

JUBA has proven to be the perfect place to list your business. Not only is your listing visible to potential customers althroughout the metro Atlanta area, your listing comes with a detailed management dashboard that enables you to take full control of how customers view your business.

Join a Network of over 50 Business Owners Expanding Their Businesses on JUBA!

Our listing of Affiliates is quickly growing. Add your business today to begin obtaining more business by taking advantage of our massive audience.

Manage & Sell Products Of All Types

JUBA enables business owners all throughout the Atlanta area to sell their own products, services, event tickets and so much more at their own prices!

Get A Professional Store Page

Each Affiliate gets a dedicated storefront to represent their business! Think of it as your home within our community of minority-owned businesses!

Happy Affiliates

“The JUBA team is responsive and personable. They work around the clock for their affiliates. They make sure that you have all the tools you need to be successful, and they place a spotlight on affiliates so that the platform essentially becomes a network where businesses can help other businesses while reaching out to new customers. I am so happy I decided to become an affiliate with this dynamic team! ”
Julia Francis

Owner, Off The Market Branding

“Rapid Emergency Solutions Inc. is excited to work with JUBA to network and grow our business, as well as providing services for its customers! We love the vision and foresight of JUBA and look forward to a great working relationship with years of success!”
Roderick Reynolds

Co-Owner, Rapid Emergency Solutions Inc

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